Energy Conversion - Drive Control
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ISUVOC control platform
The ISUVOC platform is an industrial con­trol­ler for 2-quadrant inverters with digital and analog I/Os and electrical / fiber op­ti­cal in­ter­­face for IGBT control.
A Texas Instruments DSP provides the compu­tation power needed for active filter, static power supply and microgrid applications. A standard industrial fieldbus interface allows for flexible process control intergration.
The PowerPanel MMI provides the nece­ssary tools for commissioning, fast transient recor­ding, data display and remote diagnosis via World Wide Web.
ISUVOC control software
The ISUVOC firmware package unifies multiple
functionalities in one product:
• Active filter (AF) applications
  - 3-phase 3-wire and 4-wire
  - frequency selective up to 31st harmonic
  - phase balancing
  - open loop and closed loop AF
  - flicker compensation
  - curent or voltage based AF
  - Voltage or active/reactive power control
• Island grid voltage control
  - as static power supply for test benches, e.g. for transformer testing
  - for microgrid applications with or without inverter parallel operation
  - for PV or battery based storage systems
  - with current/voltage harmonic injection or compensation
• A great variety of power ratings and switching frequencies